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All donations help the

animals receive the best care as well as keep our therapy visits free to nursing facilities, other needed care centers, and special friends

We want to be sure all of your furry, feathered, and scaley friends have the best homes & play enclosures. Many times it is hard to get the size and requirements they need from a store. So we are offering custom builds for what you need.
These pictures are some options that we can build, but can do about any custom build you need. Rabbits. Iguanas. Snakes. Chicken Tractors. You name it... we can get it done for you.

Triple Long Rabbit Hutch with Metal Roof... 8ftx2ftx2ft - $300

Triangle Chicken/Rabbit Run/Hutch... 8ft x 4 ft base frame - $150 (Can add on Doors/Paint/Wheels)

Reptile Tank - 4ft x 2ft x 2ft, Acrylic Locking Doors included - $270 (Mesh top optional) - - - without doors - $170

Reptile Enclosure - 4ft x 6ft x 2ft, Acrylic Locking Doors included - $580 (Mesh top optional) - - -without doors - $450

Message us here or call or text us at (208)705-8978 for more information.


We got our start in Service Dogs.  Seizure alert dogs are our specialty.  We have been providing low cost service and therapy dogs for families from all over the US, Canada, and even as far as Panama since 2010. 

Our animals are trained and regularly visit nursing homes, hospitals, hospice patients, and schools.  Our therapy visits to nursing homes and hospital visits are free of charge. When you book with us the money goes towards care for the animals and to keep the therapy visits free.

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