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Event Organizers are

Frank & Nikki Jorgenson

& Family

Pocatello has been our home for 17 years and we would not have it any other way.  We have raised 3 kids here and are still raising 2.  Our grandchildren are now growing up in Bannock County.  We want to make Pocatello a place we can really enjoy and to bring family friendly fun and the unusual here!

The Party Barn was our latest and greatest adventure! 

This is an idea that we have wanted to bring to life for over 20 years.

The Party Barn is a place for people to come together. 

A place for families and friends to spend time,

celebrate moments, play games, and make memories. 

Our first location at the Westwood Mall has now closed!

We are still searching for the perfect location.

We are still hosting private parties as well as going even bigger and better on our events at several venues in Bannock County!

Bannock County Event Center - Pocatello

3M Cattle Ranch - Lava Hot Springs

Elk's Lodge - Pocatello

The festivals are born of our want to bring some free/low cost family fun to our community.  We pride ourselves on finding the unique and fantastical!  The food trucks, local craftsmen, and uniqueness that come with fairs and festivals bring a magic that we cannot get enough of!

We also are the owners of Snake River Doodles Inc.  This is our company that provides low cost service dogs as well as free therapy from our dogs, horses, and rabbits.  They make visits to nursing facilities and other needed places.

The Petting Zoo is a very fun venture that we offer as well and is unlike any other!  We can no longer offer Petting Zoo parties at our location, but we have expanded our travel!  We also offer Hay Rides that take 20+ passengers and Zoo Grams.  Find more information @SRDPettingZoo on Facebook

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T: 208-705-8978  / E:

Facebook  /   Instagram

Please contact us with any questions and to see about being a vendor or sponsor for an upcoming events!

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